Sunday, May 13, 2012

"What.. No light switch?"

It was with great disappointment that we discovered that there was no light switch in the master bedroom of our trailer. The overhead light switch is located right over the centre of the bed which is a real hassle for me as I am not very tall. So I set out to solve this problem and after much research discovered this product available at Canadian Tire..

Made by "Leviton Decora".. it is a wireless outlet.. (called "The Anywhere Switch Kit") that you can theoretically plug a lamp into.

So to the above product I added a plug- in bulb socket, hoping to create a "light" that I could plug into our unused TV outlet in our bedroom which sits pretty high up on the wall.

There were a few problems though.. the finished product would sit a bit too close to the wall so I needed to add something that would bring it out from the wall a bit.. so here is what I came up with..

 I used a CSA approved 6 outlet adapter.. which my "invention" could plug into, thus bringing it farther out from the wall..

I know it looks like a mutant.. but it gets better.. just wait..

Now it was time to install the remote "light switch" on our wall. Here it is..

 Just add batteries and screw it to the wall. It's very easy to change the batteries..

And it works just  like a real light switch!

Next I realized that our wall outlet would have to be inverted.. because the ground side of the "light"plug would not fit into the outlet the way it was.. so DH.. did that for me...   lest I electrocute myself... and then who would cook him supper?

I then took a "Walmart" lamp shade.. and attacked it with a pair of scissors and pliers to make it the shape I needed..

Finally I dressed up the 6 outlet plug with some white electrical tape to make it look a little better..

Here is the finished product .. just before I plugged it into the wall.

Here is our light once it's on the wall. No more having to reach for the trailer light over the bed... and this one looks pretty good!

I plan to order a custom tall narrow sconce shade that will hide all the parts.. but I am happy with this for now!!

This last photo shows both the switch and the light installed on the walls in our master bedroom!


  1. Well done, it looks great. Now thats the way to spend Mothers Day.

  2. Very creative! I just might give it a try myself. Thanks for the detailed instructions.

  3. Well my original post did not make it, so let's try this again!!! GREAT JOB!!! I am encountering a height issue also. DW is only 5'4" and the ceiling in our 2013 Jayco Eagle 284BHS is 7'. Needless to say there is a pretty good distance between the tips of her fingers and the ceiling light switches. Being 6'2" I tend to forget that not everone is as tall as me, but DW makes me aware of this on a daily basis. Since electronics is my hobby, I am building a 12Volt DC remote control for the low voltage part of camping. So far it will control the 12 volt ceiling lights and raise the ceiling exhaust fan's cover. I made a temp.. tool for opening the fan cover out of a piece of PVC pipe. I put groves at one end that fit around the fan knob allowing DW to reach and twist the knob with out climbing on a stool. Hope your camping trip across the pond went well!!! We are on the tail end of a 3 month trip out west. Back to reality in a few weeks :-(
    Again, you did a GREAT JOB!!!
    (Jayco forum)

  4. kinda nice.. a very unique and interesting post...

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  5. Very nice idea, plan, and execution. Since we will never have a TV in our bedroom I will do the same.