Monday, May 14, 2012

Lady Wendolyn goes ..."Glamping!"

There is a new trend in camping called "Glamping".. the idea is that camping can include both luxury items from civilization and a beautiful decor. We have brought both of these factors into play in the make over of our 28 foot Jayco bunkhouse travel trailer. The addition of colour, both vintage and modern accessories, and a few little luxuries.. have taken this basic trailer from boring to beautiful! As the "rooms" are small, I kept the decor to a fresh green and yellow colour sceme. I have listed the sources for many of the items you see. Enjoy the before and after tour....


The before...

Definitely started as a
boring, beige and boxy little room..
With one big empty blank wall that we would be staring at each morning when we got up..

The after...
                                                                                                                                                                         Country cottage green linens by JYSK and
 fresh accent pillows bring immediate life into this space.

A bit of beachy art for the walls..

A Vintage breakfast tray and a cute wooden box
serve as a vanity table..

And that ugly blank wall...

has been transformed into "A room with a view"

thanks to this fun beach print


The before...

I love this kitchen layout
this was the reason we chose this trailer.

And the trailer comes with a three burner stove
and oven...

The after...

Vintage kitchen accessories make this area super sweet ..

Can hardly wait to start cooking up some glamorous gourmet meals!

We added hanging wine glass racks from Lee Valley Tools.

Wine glasses are from The Bay and the dollar store.

Old copper canisters add charm..

Sunlight soap... vintage dish washing!

We added spice racks from Camping World,

so that we could have our seasonings handy.


The before...

and the after...

A rug, a stool, a bulletin board and some coat hooks!

I love the lady bug push pins from the dollar store.

Even your checklist can be glamorous!


The before ...

I really though this sofa was very bland,
until I was able to see it as a
blank canvas waiting for colour.

The after.....

Once again.. fresh colours 
and some vintage art work
bring the space to life. 

The addition of a storage 
ottoman from Target creates a place to 
add a tray and serve a meal...

Tea in the afternoon.. how glamorous!


The before...

This room definitely has the bunkhouse blahs...

The after....

The bolster can be used to divide

the bed when two kids are sharing. 

Colourful storage pockets hang at the end

of each bunk, to organize the

ipods, journals and other teen paraphernalia


The before...

The pink stuff is winterizing anti-freeze.. not very attractive..

So how does one decorate

a tiny bathroom the size of an airplane restroom?

 The after...

Light and fresh colours make this tiny space more inviting...

We added a magazine

rack from Camping world.

A towel rack from "Primitive Home Interiors" provides

lots of towel storage and keeps towels in place

while we are moving.

Family photos for inspiration
and a drainable tote to store
shampoo while we are travelling.


The before...

A typical camper dinette

with storage above and a place

for a TV..

The after...

Family photos..

Candles and "kitchy" accessories...

Storage for DVD's and a TV

Guess which DVD we want to watch first?

And pretty melamine dishes bought

for a bargain at Target and Macy's...

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. I love it, I think I will change my colour scheme in my trailer. The manufacturers do pick that neutral beige background that a splash of colour really enlivens. I think I will do all those redish tones I chose for my patio and add that to my indoor spaces. Love it Love it Love it.

  2. I love what you did with the trailer. I am inspired to add some special and practical touches to ours to make it more homey. I have a question. What did you use to hang things from the walls? Adhesives?

  3. I used a new product by 3M called "3M Command Hanging strips" they work amazing and hold everything really tight without movement which is important in a trailer. For the larger pictures I also added on tiny gold picture hanging hook like you see on the beach flip flop on the wall. They go in with a single tiny pin nail on an angle and do not damage the walls.
    Do a internet search on "3M Command picture hanging strips" and you should be able to find them.

  4. Mom4etrnty here,
    We used the 3m strips on the walls in our master. The only thing we found is that the wallpapered walls don't fair well if you have say a mid weight jacket on the hook when the sun hits that side of the RV so we make sure not to hang on them if the awning isn't out blocking the sun. They work great on the wood walls. Your RV is so cheerful looking now, i definately want to add decorating touches to ours now. Happy camping! :)

  5. Well done, I love the lime green! I too have added lots of touches with photos and quilts, after all it is our home away from home!

  6. Very nice work. I was directed to your site after reading your post on RV.Net. I'm very impressed the way you take after projects like the closet and counter extension. So many folks are afraid to try things like this. We are of the same mind. Check out "Extreme RV Makeover" on my post in the "Utilizing wall space" thread on RV .Net. Thanks for sharing your work! Jim (Alpenliter)

  7. Saw your link on RV. Net and very glad I clicked on it. Great job on all the mods.Gave me some more ideas for mine. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love, Love, Love It!!!

  9. Thanks for posting. I truly love people with your talented gift! It is hard for me to see sometimes outside the box or. "tin can" but you make it happen!

  10. Did you change out your mattress for master bdrm? Or add anything on top?

  11. We added a 3 inch space foam topper from Costco. Well worth every penny and makes the bed very comfortable to sleep in.

  12. wow thats fantastic

  13. Hello. Your ideas are fantastic! I would like to know what you used to hang the towel rack on the bathroom wall. Thank you!

  14. Where did you get the adorable storage pockets for the foot of the beds? SO CUTE!!!

  15. Just curious; what did you do with the canisters and stuff during traveling. We usually have to take everything off and tuck it away or it will end up on the floor. Love the deco though!

  16. The canisters get stored in the kitchen sink, with a tea towel wrapped in between, and the candleholders and accessories fro0m the kitchen table get stored in one of the square green footstools. It takes less than a minute to pack it up.

  17. Storage pockets can be bought at Ikea, or places like that. Towel rack was hung in the bathroom using two 1.5 inch screws and finding the stud. It actually sits slightly off centre, but with it being heavy its important that its in the stud. Look for tiny buts of beige "putty" where the builders filled their nail holes and that is usually the studs, where they nailed in the wall panelling.

  18. I am so glad I happened upon your blog. I am in the process of buying our first camper. No offense but it is not my decor at all. I want to make it more me, white and shabby chic, but I don't want to keep it from being tradeable in a few years. Your additions of color are just the inspiration I needed. Thanks Alaina

  19. Love Your Style, and the lime green really Pops! Thanks for all the little storage tips too. I feel so much better now because if I don't find a Vintage Camper in my priceline, I will be able to consider other options !

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